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Female Tonic Masala Chai

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Female Tonic Masala Chai


Blend Information:

Key Benefits: - Great overall Qi & Blood Tonic for women*
- Helps regulate and balance the menstrual cycle*
- Helps counter the degenerative effects of stress*
- Supports healthy libido*


Organic Assam Tea, Organic Green Cardamom, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Cloves, Organic Ginger, Organic Angelica (Dang Gui), Organic Shatavari & Organic Astragalus

Herbal Properties:

- Assam Tea (black Tea): Black tea is a variety of tea that is more oxidized than the green, oolong and white varieties. All four varieties are made from leaves of Camellia sinensis. Black tea is generally stronger in flavor and contains more caffeine than the less oxidized teas.

NOTE:The USDA recently stated that drinking black tea may lower bad cholesterol levels and could one day be used to help reduce the risk of heart disease. Read more. Click here!

- Cardamom: A household spice that is commonly used to support digestion without increasing Heat.* It has expectorant and diaphoretic actions.* The mucus forming properties of milk are neutralized when cardamom is added to it.*

- Cinnamon: This warming spice is traditionally used in cold formulas as an expectorant and diaphoretic.* Due to its warming property, cinnamon is known to promotes digestion.*

- Cloves: An energizing herb,* cloves are an effective stimulant and aromatic for the lungs and stomach.* Cloves are used extensively in Ayurvedic herbology.

- Ginger: In Ayurvedic and Chinese herbology, Ginger is known to have heating, cleansing, toning and stimulating properties.* Ginger promotes digestion, relieves abdominal discomfort, dispels chills and it is also useful for relieving respiratory complaints due to phlegm and arthritic conditions due to coldness.*

- Shatavari: Traditionally used to stimulate the production of female hormones. * It encourages the production of milk in lactating mothers, and is also useful during menopause and for women who have had hysterectomies. * Shatavari serves to build immunity, improve the intellect, stimulate digestion, and enhance strength and energy. * It helps remove toxins from the blood and supports the proper function of the liver. *

- Astragalus: Has very strong immuno-stimulating properties.* It is one of the premier herbs for Qi tonification inTraditional Chinese Medicine without adding Heat to the body.*

- Angelica Dang Gui: is a favorite herb among Chinese women. Dang Gui has been used in the treatment of a wide variety of female complaints from PMS through menopause.

* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

Now I'm a believer Review by Angela
I read the reviews and thought impossible I have the worst PMS ever. Regardless I ordered thinking in the worst case I'll have an authentic great tasting Chai everyday. Well It has helped my PMS tremendously (says my friends and family)I am just happy the cramps have subsided . As for the taste well it's good but something is slightly off ;^( Don't get me wrong, I enjoy this just not as much as the others I have ordered. I will continue to order for the benefits I reap from drinking this is unlike any other thing I have tried.This is my HG. (Posted on 3/30/13)
I have tried several of the blends from Yogic Chai, and LOVE all of them! Review by Erin
I have tried several of the blends from Yogic Chai, and LOVE all of them. My favorite is the Female Tonic Masala Chai. I lived with one of my boyfriends once, and his family was from India, and EVERY morning I would wake up to the smell of his mother making fresh homemade Chai. I have searched for almost 10 years now to find a Chai that brought me back to the smells that were so comforting and wonderful to me. And I have finally found what I was searching for in the Yogic Chai blends. This is the REAL stuff. If you have ever had what they sell at fancy coffee are in for a treat. Chai should be simple, very few ingredients, but they should blend together in an intricate dance of flavor, each flavor not overpowering any of the others. I drink Chai almost every morning now and it is soooo calming and rejuvinating! Thank you so much for what you have created! (Posted on 5/3/10)
My wife says it was actually helping her balance her PMS problems! Review by David
My wife is thoroughly enjoying the Female Tonic Chai. She relayed to me yesterday that it was actually helping her balance her PMS problems. Also, her Qi energy lines are flowing better as verified by her naturopathic doctor. (Posted on 3/10/10)
Female Tonic Masala Chai Tea has helped me with the symptoms associated with PMS. Review by Tara
Female Tonic Masala Chai Tea has helped me with the symptoms associated with PMS. I can only tell you the benefits I have experienced. I have tried all sorts of PMS,
over-the–counter products, and non have worked like this tea. The bloating, fatigue, and irritability, which can be extreme for me at times, diminish. The proof is also in the scale. Each month I can gain up to 5 lbs in uncomfortable water weight and with this tea my weight stays the same and my clothes fit comfortably. Each month, I begin drinking the tea about 1 & ½ weeks before my cycle. This tea has proven its effectiveness by the fact that last month I did not drink the tea, and all those close to me noticed an unpleasant difference, LOL. I would highly recommend this tea to all women who may at times experience won't be disappointed! (Posted on 3/6/09)
I was so happy to discover that Ricardo started selling his personal blend of chai Review by Donna
I'm an iced tea drinker. I make up tea by the gallon and fill my take-along bottles which I have with me where ever I go. I was so happy to discover that Ricardo started selling his personal blend of chai that I ordered three different blends! Now I can get the benefits of the chai by incorporating it into my daily routine. (Posted on 1/30/09)

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