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Original Masala Chai

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Masala Chai - 16oz Loose
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Original Masala Chai

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Amazing! Review by Kathy
Recently introduced to Yogic Chai by a friend who received a bag of this in a gourmet food box. I have tried many different chai tea brands and all came up lacking. I am happy to say my search is over and all other chai brands has been eliminated from my cupboards! The Original Masala Chai has a perfect blend of spices and the tea is very fresh and very smooth. I am excited to try other Yogic teas and have just ordered the Original Masala (loose), the tea bags for travel and several other types. Cannot wait to receive my first order. Thanks for making such a great product. (Posted on 7/30/13)
Much deserved belated review... Review by Andrea
I am finally sitting down to write a review now that we have been drinking this tea for 3 years! It is wonderfully flavorful and you can taste the quality and freshness of the ingredients. There is something very "clean" about the flavor and everyone that shares it with us is hooked. It is requested by everyone who comes to visit!

The consistency says a lot and we are never disappointed from one bag to the next. Kudos on the 3rd win! (Posted on 4/5/13)
Good not my favorite Review by Amy
I've tried all different tea brands including both loose and packaged chai tea, I found this to be missing the sweetness I've found in other chai tea. Other than that the ingredients are very fresh.

*Response from Yogic Chai: Unlike other Chai products in the market, we do not use any added sugars nor flavorings. As it is served traditionally, we recommend adding some sort of sweetener to counteract the bitterness of the spices and tea. At home, we like using raw honey or raw sugar. Some prefer agave or maple syrup (Posted on 3/29/13)
Excellent quality product! Review by Nola
I received my chai tea order very quickly, as the company indicated that I would. I can tell that the ingredients are fresh and wholesome. What I'm having problems with is the strength of the tea--I guess I used to weak teas, because this is so powerful that I've had a hard time drinking it. I will definitely try using less and less and build up my tolerance for it. Excellent quality product. I will definitely consider purchasing more. (Posted on 6/16/11)
I love that it's organic and that I have found the perfect chai for me! Review by Kelly
This is a very well balanced chai! I love making it following the stovetop recipe printed on the bag. I've enjoyed it at any time of day, but especially at night as a nice dessert. I love that it's organic and that I have found the perfect chai for me! (Posted on 4/28/11)
Not only has this chai gotten me off my 3-4 cups per day coffee habit, I feel amazing! Review by Jennifer
I also used to think I didn't care for chai because my only exposure to it was the Starbucks version. Then I found Yogic Chai and WOW! Not only has this chai gotten me off my 3-4 cups per day coffee habit, I feel amazing. I've tried 3 different blends of Ricardo's chai: Masala, Female Tonic, and Immune Support. All are delicious in their own way, and very nourishing and comforting. I look forward to my chai every morning. Over the past few months, my family has experienced the usual rounds of cold weather illnesses - strep, stomach flu, colds. I have remained totally healthy despite lack of sleep caring for sick young children. I really think the Immune Support chai has something to do with that. Thanks, Ricardo, for your wonderful products! JAI! (Posted on 12/20/10)
Wonderful product! Thank you! Review by Hafizullah
Forget everybody else's attempts at Indian masala chai, including anything in a box or carton. Once you've been to India, "birkenstock chai" just does not cut it. I have been to India three times, and the Yogic Masala Chai is about as authentic as you will get outside of India. This stuff is smooth, full-bodied, balanced, and wonderful --- an India nostalgia-rush. The only other prepared mix that comes even close is the one by Rishi Tea, but it's too heavy on the cardamom after it's been kept warm on the back burner for a couple of hours. The only thing better than Yogic Masala Chai is Yogic Masala Chai with half-and-half, because we can't get water-buffalo milk in the U.S.

Wonderful product! Thank you! (Posted on 12/20/10)
The masala chai is excellent. I am originally from India... Review by Syed Ashraf
The masala chai is excellent. I am originally from India, and find most of what passes for Masala Chai to be too heavy, too sweet, and lacking some of my favorite flavors from the traditional masala chai I grew up with. Yogic Chai's masala chai is light and refreshing while still having the warm, rich taste of chai. It makes an excellent Chai Latte, as we have started serving it in our shop, Coffee Bites. (Posted on 12/5/10)
This tea is much, much more flavorful than the chai tea bought at coffee houses or the box or bag you buy at the grocery store! Review by Colleen
This tea is much, much more flavorful than the chai tea bought at coffee houses or the box or bag you buy at the grocery store! Plus it doesn't have all that added sugar. It has a very refreshing flavor also. Great tea for the holidays! I plan on sharing it with my family. Flavor really stays on your palate long after drinking it (which I really like)! (Posted on 11/5/10)
This product exceeds expectations and is absolutely delicious! Review by Peter
I have tried various chai teas ranging from coffee shop to many of the commercial chai tea bags and mixes. This product exceeds expectations and is absoultely delicious.

The balance of tea and spice with the steeping range produces the best chai ever. I am a retired executive chef of 22+ years and enjoy new products that offer such great taste.

In the past I have used tea infusions for various sauces and I am looking forward to trying these teas. Especially a nice dessert. Even the redbush based Rooibos was excellent. Many other redbush teas had a strong straw taste. (Posted on 8/25/10)

Items 1 to 10 of 22 total

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