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Can Coffee be Yogic?

Drinking coffee is not so much a problem as it is how we drink and see coffee. Coffee, like any other plant, contains medicinal properties that may work or not for different people based on their current condition, constitution and lifestyle. Like any other medicinals, it must also be balanced out. Drinking 2 cups of water for every cup of coffee you drink is a way to balance the diuretic properties of coffee. Adding a bit of ground cardamom is also known to reduce the acidity as well as drinking a room temperature cup of water prior to drinking a cup of coffee.

Most people know how much coffee they can handle before they cannot any longer control the activities of their mind. Once you find yourself reacting to every person or circumstances you encounter, you know you have drank a little too much of the devils brew :)

Unlike Tea or Chai, coffee is usually prepared quickly and drank quickly too without much awareness nor enjoyment. Such way of drinking coffee is what really makes coffee not very Yogic. Luckily, the past few years have given birth to a new wave of coffee, known as The Third Wave of Coffee.

Perhaps influenced by the Slow Food movement or the small local wine and beer crafters or by the pure love of small coffee roasters who re-discover a way to NOT over-roast the beans in order to find those subtle flavor profiles that makes each coffee region in the world unique.

More and more Specialty Coffee shops are being open every day. In such places, each cup is made to order and there is no room for people in a hurry. A place where you can order a Single Origin coffee from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia or Antigua, Guatemala, ground and brewed in front of you by a trained Barista who can and will give you a story or two about the uniqueness of the coffee you are about to drink. 

We would like to invite you to re-discover coffee! To discover the unique flavors that each region offers and the enjoyment a well brewed cup of coffee can deliver. Say no to rush coffee and instead see coffee just like you see tea, wine or even really good chocolate! 

We have develop a really good relationship with a local Coffee roaster and are excited to introduce you to a new world of coffee.

Few Important Things to Note About Our Coffees

- Coffee is sold in whole bean:

The number one rule for brewing good quality coffee is to grind your beans just prior to brewing. If you are not open to doing that, dont spend money on good quality coffee. We are not trying to be rude. We are being honest. Do a search on Amazon for a Hario hand grinder or Baratza Virtuoso

- Coffee is roasted lightly:

In order to appreciate the most subtle flavors of a coffee region, the beans MUST be roasted lightly or lightly medium. The idea is NOT to taste the flavor of the roast but the coffee beans! All our coffees sold are freshly roasted.