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Original Masala Chai

Product Review (submitted on December 20, 2010):

I also used to think I didn't care for chai because my only exposure to it was the Starbucks version. Then I found Yogic Chai and WOW! Not only has this chai gotten me off my 3-4 cups per day coffee habit, I feel amazing. I've tried 3 different blends of Ricardo's chai: Masala, Female Tonic, and Immune Support. All are delicious in their own way, and very nourishing and comforting. I look forward to my chai every morning. Over the past few months, my family has experienced the usual rounds of cold weather illnesses - strep, stomach flu, colds. I have remained totally healthy despite lack of sleep caring for sick young children. I really think the Immune Support chai has something to do with that. Thanks, Ricardo, for your wonderful products! JAI!