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Yogic Chai Concentrate. Free of preservatives and "natural flavorings"


Yogic Chai Concentrate


What major difference can you see right away?

Chai Concentrate Nutrition Comparison

Sugar! Thats right. Keep in mind that the label is based on using a serving size of 4oz. If you were to make a 12oz cup of Chai using the "other company" you would need 6oz of Concentrate, therefore 28.5 gr of sugar, which is the equivalent to almost 3 Tablespoons and 120 calories!

Why is there that much sugar in most other Chai Concentrates?

Well, we didnt know either until we decided one day we wanted to bottled our own concentrate. We met with a few Food Technologist to see what were the requirements to have our chai concentrate be shelf stable. 

We were told we needed to lower the PH of our Chai Concentrate in order for it to be shelf stable. We were given the choice to add Phosphoric acid, which is used in soda drinks and/or Citric acid, which is more "natural." We experimented with citric acid and the final taste of our concentrate was nowhere near its original taste. It was BAD! We consulted with our Food Tech to see what we needed to do to cover up the taste of the citric acid and he gave us one and only one choice "You have to at least double the amount of sugar you are using" Our literal response was "What?????? Ah...NO thank you!!!!"

We realized then and there that a sacrifice needed to be made. We choose to make the concentrate the way we wanted to, without the use of any preservatives and instead, sacrifice the shelf life. Shelf life is 60 days and must be kept refrigerated. So far, no one has been able to keep our concentrate in their fridge for longer than 30 days without finishing it first! Yes! It is that good!

How can you purchase it? 

The concentrate is available to purchase ONLY locally in Montclair. If you live within 5 miles of Montclair, NJ we can deliver it to your house or business. Price is $20 for a 64oz growler (half a gallon) which makes a full gallon of Chai. If you meet those requirements, please click here to order If not, please use our Chai Concentrate recipe to make yours at home


We supply a lot of local coffee shops and restaurants with our Chai Concentrate. We would love the opportunity to supply your businesss to with what we consider to be the best Chai Concentrate around :)

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